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Child Welfare Clinic

Child welfare clinics monitor the child's health, development and growth, as well as provide the parents with guidance and counseling. At the clinic, the child will receive vaccines compliant with the vaccination program.

At the child welfare clinic there is a public health nurse and a doctor working for the child and his or her family. The aim of the child welfare clinic is to ensure as good health as possible for each child and to promote the wellbeing of the whole family.

The work forms include health check-ups and examinations, vaccinations (Vaccination programme for children and adolescents THL) and individual health guidance given at the clinic or by telephone as well as home visits and small-group activities.

While visiting the clinic, you can jointly discuss any issues troubling the family, boost the family’s own resources, and promote healthy lifestyles.

The work at the child welfare clinic is individual, family-centred, confidential and free of charge.


Psychologists working with customers of the maternity clinic and the child welfare clinic:

Camilla Öst
Tuesday – Thursday call tel. 040 674 8828 or tel. 06 325 2575

Eeva Haga
To make an appointment, call Wed at 11-12 tel. 06 325 2016

Social service center
Vöyrinkatu 46
65100 Vaasa


To make an appointment

Call your own Child Welfare Clinic.

Gerby Child Welfare Clinic
Mäntymaantie 5
65280 Vaasa

Telephone consulting at 11-11.30
I nurse tel. 040 480 6468
II nurse tel. 040 594 6027
III nurse tel. 040 628 3432
IV nurse Tue-Thu tel. 040 640 3154

Keskusta Child Welfare Clinic
Hietalahdenkatu 6
65100 Vaasa

Telephone consulting at 11-11.30
I nurse (Keskusta and Vaskiluoto) tel. 040 620 6625
II nurse (Keskusta, Sundom) tel. 040 769 2211
III nurse (Hietalahti) tel. 040 356 3240
IV nurse (Hietalahti, Suvilahti) tel. 040 678 4631
V nurse (Sundom), Sundomintie 13 (Sundom Lärcenter) tel. 040 676 6104

Ristinummi Child Welfare Clinic
Jyrsijänkatu 2
65370 Vaasa

Telephone consulting at 11-11.30
I nurse tel. 040 136 9152
II nurse tel. 040 571 6528

Tammikaivo Child Welfare Clinic
Tammikaivontie 4
65100 Vaasa

Telephone consulting at 11-11.30

Huutoniemi area
I nurse Tue-Thu tel. 040 543 7179
II nurse tel. 040 487 1740
III nurse tel. 040 809 9256

Palosaari area
IV nurse tel. 040 620 8351
V nurse tel. 040 646 3612
VI nurse Mon-Thu tel. 040 596 0235

Vähäkyrö Child Welfare Clinic
Vähänkyröntie 18
66500 Vähäkyrö

Telephone consulting at 10.30-11.30
I nurse tel. 06 325 8507
II nurse (Merikaarto) tel. 06 325 8566